Randall Dawkins was born January 19, 1977 in Birmingham, Alabama. Dawkins is one of four children who all shared the same passionate entrepreneurial skills and urge to succeed and reciprocate to the Birmingham community. At the age of 12, Dawkins began cutting hair as a hobby, mainly cutting the hair of his family members but continued to passionately sharpen his craft professionally. He attended the University of North Alabama and studied Financial Planning and Business Management. From 1997 to 2000, he diligently worked as an apprentice and exuded southern hospitality at the previous barber shop, and Dawkins developed and retained a 400 plus clientele, and he officially obtained his license for barbering in 2000. He then realized that it was time to continue to broaden his love and passion to the art of cutting hair by opening his own business alongside his wife, Chinue Battiste-Dawkins. Randall Dawkins believes in “providing quality haircuts, great customer service, and a positive atmosphere.” 


As a man devoted to his community, Dawkins provides inexpensive services so that every client can afford to have the RGL experience. He also offers complimentary haircuts to scholars and underprivileged children in local schools believing that “it’s bigger than a haircut.”